The enduring appeal of the BBC drama series Peaky Blinders has not only captivated audiences with its gripping storytelling but also with its distinctive early 20th-century fashion. This fascination has spilt over into social media, where fans showcase their admiration through meticulously curated costumes. 

10 Trending Peaky Blinders Outfits on Social Media

A standout feature of Peaky Blinders is its impeccable costume choices, which significantly contribute to the show’s authentic 1920s British ambience. The attire of the characters not only reflects their personalities but also adds depth to the storyline. Here is an in-depth look at the top 10 costumes from the show, each distinctively capturing the essence of the characters and the era:

1. May Carleton’s Elegant Ensemble

May Carleton, a character of resilience and grace, is often seen in a luxurious fur coat paired with a cloche hat, epitomising the fashion of the era with a touch of personal flair.

2. Tommy Shelby’s Sophisticated Business Attire

Tommy Shelby’s transformation in Peaky Blinders is symbolised by his sophisticated attire, featuring a tweed three-piece suit, white collar shirt, and silver spectacles, reflecting his dual role as a businessman and criminal. Fans captivated by Cillian Murphy’s portrayal can further connect with Tommy’s character by getting the same tattoos he wore in the show. These designs, mirroring his complex identity and history, offer an immersive experience into the essence of Tommy Shelby.

3. Alfie Solomons’s Iconic Look

Alfie, portrayed with intensity by Tom Hardy, occasionally sheds his usual rugged appearance for a more polished look, featuring a brimmed hat, a tailored suit, and a silver pocket watch, reflecting the duality of his character.

4. The Shelby Brothers’ Signature Tweed Suits

The Shelby brothers consistently impress with their grey, tweed three-piece suits, complete with classic hats. This look exudes a formidable aura while maintaining a sense of unity among the brothers.

5. Polly Gray’s Power Outfits

Polly’s wardrobe is a mix of boldness and elegance. Her most iconic look, a simple yet sophisticated business attire, embodies her role as a matriarch and leader within the family.

6. The Shelby Men at Tommy’s Wedding

The wedding scene showcases the men in coordinated blue suits, radiating sophistication, professionalism, and power, a testament to their status and unity.

7. The Shelby Brothers’ Dark Suits

These suits, reserved for the most critical moments, reflect the dark nature of Shelby’s business, combining elegance with an ominous aura.

8. Grace’s Undercover Detective Attire

Grace, a character known for her beauty and cunning, stuns in her detective guise, featuring a tweed coat and a brimmed hat, perfectly blending style with subtlety.

9. The Women of Peaky Blinders’ Empowerment Look

The female characters, often overshadowed by their male counterparts, shine in their own right, especially when seen together in cloche hats and trench coats, exuding confidence and defiance.

10. Tommy’s Iconic Trench Coat

Perhaps the most emblematic costume of the series, Tommy’s trench coat is more than just an article of clothing; it symbolises his complex character and the turbulent world he navigates.

Key Takeaways

This list pays homage to the show’s ability to use fashion as a storytelling device, with each outfit adding a layer of depth to the characters and the narrative. The brilliance of “Peaky Blinders” lies not just in its compelling story and performances but also in these meticulously crafted costumes that transport viewers back to 1920s Britain.

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