Fancy a road trip with your very own campervan but don’t know where to start? This beginner’s guide spills all the secrets to kickstart your journey. From choosing the right van to understanding the nifty details, we’ve got you covered. Let’s turn that campervan dream into a rolling reality!

Choosing Your Campervan:

Choosing your first campervan is exciting, and the first thing you need to know is that there are four main types of campervan. Here’s what you need to know to get it right:

  • Single or Twin Axle: Single-axle campervans, with two wheels, are easier to handle, especially if you’re new to this. They’re good if your car is smaller. But, twin axle vans, with four wheels, are better for big vans. They’re more stable but need a larger car to tow them.

  • Berths: Think about how many people will sleep in the van. You might not need a huge one if you can use an awning for extra sleeping space, so choose either 2 berth or 4 berths.

  • Folding Vans and Trailer Tents: These are great for saving fuel and are easy to store. But, they offer less space inside.

Remember, the best campervan for you depends on your travel plans, who’s coming along, and what car you have. Take your time, think about these points, and you’ll find the perfect van for your adventures!

Can Your Car Tow It?

It’s really important to check if your car can tow the campervan you want, and the RAC explains it really well.

Your van’s weight should never be more than what your car can handle. The best rule is to keep the van’s weight under 85% of your car’s weight. You can find this info in your car’s handbook. It tells you the maximum weight your car can tow.

When picking a van, keep this in mind. It’s key for safe travel. If the van is too heavy for your car, it could be dangerous on the road. So, choose a van that fits what your car can tow. This way, you’ll have a good and safe trip to your campervan.

New or Used?

Deciding between a new or used campervan is a big choice. Here’s what you need to think about:

  • Used Campervans: They’re cheaper than new ones. But, you need to check them well for any wear or damage. Be careful, especially about stolen vans. Buying from a private seller means you might have fewer rights if something’s wrong.
  • New Campervans: They cost more but come with the latest features and usually have a warranty. You’ll have less worry about repairs or hidden problems.

Think about your budget and what you need. If saving money matters most, go for a used van. But if you want a van with less worry and more features, choose a new one. Just make sure it’s the right fit for your needs and budget.

Budget and Layout:

When picking a campervan, your budget and the van’s layout are key. Here’s a bit more on that:


  • Think about how much you can spend on a van.

  • Don’t forget that owning a van means extra costs like insurance, maintenance, and maybe storage fees.

  • Set a budget that includes these costs too.


  • Vans have different sizes and inside designs.

  • Small vans are cheaper but have less room.

  • Bigger vans have more space for things like a bigger kitchen, bed, and seating area. They cost more, though.

Choosing the right van means finding one that suits your needs and doesn’t stretch your budget. Think about what you’ll use the van for and what features are a must for you. This will help you pick the perfect van for your adventures.

Key Details:

When choosing your campervan, there are a few key details to consider:

  • Brand and Quality: Look for a well-known brand. They often have better quality. But don’t just pick by name. Read reviews to see how well the van is made and how long it might last.

  • Features and Accessories: Think about what features you need, like air conditioning or a kitchen. More features usually mean a higher price.
  • Sleeping Area: Is there enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably?

  • Kitchen Facilities: Does it have what you need to cook and store food?

  • Storage: Check if there’s enough space for your stuff.

  • Bathroom: Some vans have them, some don’t. Decide if you need one.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning: Important for comfort, especially in extreme weather.

  • Entertainment System: Think about TV or music systems for longer trips.

Each feature adds to the cost, so pick the ones you need. This way, you get a van that’s just right for you.

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping up, this guide has shared all you need to kick off your campervan adventures, from choosing the right type, like a single or twin axle, to considering the sleeping space and layout. Remember to check if your car can tow your chosen van and decide between a new or used one, keeping your budget in mind.

Don’t forget the key details: brand quality, essential features, and extra comforts. With these tips, you’re all set to find the perfect campervan that fits your needs, budget, and dreams for the road. Happy travels!

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